Who Is that Woman with the Microphone?

Question:  why is it that nobody looks funny at a person carrying a camera .. but wear headphones and hold a mike and everybody wonders what you’re up to?

Well, I should be used to it by now.  I’ve been carrying around microphones and doing radio since I was in my late teens.  (I won’t say what year that was, except to say that Disco was the hot new musical format in the first radio station where I worked).

vf-old-cbcWhen I was a younger teenager, I wanted to be a composer.  Then I discovered radio and that was it.   In the past thirty or so years (okay, so I’ve told you my age ..),  some of my best years of my life have been in radio studios.  And even better yet, out in the field gathering Wild Sound and voices of people associated with those sounds.

A couple of favourites .. carefully planning where on a big open field I should be when the skydiver floating to earth touched down.  Then, when I ran over to him to get the “thump” and his first reactions … found out … he was French and couldn’t speak a word of English.

Interviewing Charlton Heston was another one .. at a tennis tournament.   Moses with a tennis racquet.

I have worked in many situations … in the top quality studios of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation;  small “make it up as you go along” equipment closets of community radio stations.  In the mountains of Appalachia listening to the melodic voices of a people with a rare and beautiful gift for storytelling.  Explaining to a soldier in Kashmir why I have a microphone in my backpack .. 

When I’m not doing that, I’m either producing podcasts myself or teaching people how to do it.  I have always worked in the Community Media movement … which means I believe that it’s just as important to help you get your voice out there as it is mine.

This blog and podcast is my own place to revisit the sounds I love .. and a place where I can send out the new ones.  It’s a constant exploration …