Soundwalk the Spit with me!

great lake seashore

Join me on Saturday morning, November 7, 11 am at the gate of the Leslie Street Spit in Toronto for a morning of listening.

Just for fun, no charge. Bring your recorder or just bring your ears. You can even bring a camera if you turn off the Click sound.

The Leslie Street Spit is a piece of land in Toronto which juts out into Lake Ontario. I have not soundwalked the spit before but figure it will be a great place to listen to nature meeting the cityscape.

I figure we will walk for about an hour, then go to a coffee shop or someplace for lunch and talk about sound, media, film making, photography and all these things us media artists do. No cost .. just a chance to get together.

Best to RSVP in case it rains and I have to send an update.


What Else I’ve been Up To

It’s been a busy summer. In addition to recording, I’ve also written a couple of on-line articles and have been planning some fall workshops.

First of all, I am delighted to be a contributor to a couple of web magazines. I just wrote an article on recording in conflict zones without being arrested or having your gear confiscated. This was for the Indie Travel Podcast blog, an adventurous and fun site by intrepid Kiwis Linda and Craig Martin (that’s somebody from New Zealand, for those of you not yet in the know.

Here’s the article

And, a slightly different twist — I was asked by Cyndi Ingle, one of the chief philosophers of Soul’s Code — to write an article about how I use Soundwalking as Meditation.

Much as I love recording, there’s something really gratifying about seeing my words too, not just hearing them.

About the workshop, heck, this is getting too long, so I’ll do another post about that. Can’t let these blog posts ramble on too long, y’know.

Soundwalking the Red Light District

Oh, okay, I’ll admit I used that headline to get ratings. Only 4:00 of the newest episode of The Roaming Ear is from Sin Strip in Phuket.

It’s really pretty tame .. but because I am submitting it to Itunes, I needed to flag “Explicit” lest somebody get offended and Itunes boots me off. So, somebody says “big boobs” and “lesbian sex” .. what’s the big deal? It’s a soundwalk .. my soundwalker had no time to stop ..

The rest of the podcast is pretty tame. It’s my introduction to soundwalking and how you can do one yourself.

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