Appalachian podcast coming! Promise!

EPSN0020My goal is to do a new podcast every two weeks. I’m not there yet but I really have to practise some self-discipline and do a new one every month.

Just to let you know I am just about done the new one. Just have to package it (which means do the intro, the extro and mix it in with the theme). The content is done.

And I’m really happy with it. I’ve done a new piece called You Can’t Miss It … a composed piece about getting lost in the mountains of Appalachia, and the surprises I found. Music, praying, bug sounds, coal sounds. And a collection of directions from people I met about how to get from here to there. You’ll hear why I got lost so much.

And wrapping up with a wonderful interview with the amazing Katie Dollarhide, a mountain woman who is able to combine the best of tradition with the forward thinking of a contemporary thought. Katie is an inspiration and speaks of her mountains with love, tempered by a sense of realism.

This weekend. For sure!