What Else I’ve been Up To

It’s been a busy summer. In addition to recording, I’ve also written a couple of on-line articles and have been planning some fall workshops.

First of all, I am delighted to be a contributor to a couple of web magazines. I just wrote an article on recording in conflict zones without being arrested or having your gear confiscated. This was for the Indie Travel Podcast blog, an adventurous and fun site by intrepid Kiwis Linda and Craig Martin (that’s somebody from New Zealand, for those of you not yet in the know.

Here’s the article

And, a slightly different twist — I was asked by Cyndi Ingle, one of the chief philosophers of Soul’s Code — to write an article about how I use Soundwalking as Meditation.

Much as I love recording, there’s something really gratifying about seeing my words too, not just hearing them.

About the workshop, heck, this is getting too long, so I’ll do another post about that. Can’t let these blog posts ramble on too long, y’know.