Return to Ruscomb – My Finished Pieces

Well, the pieces that I referred to in my last post are done. There are actually two versions — one broadcast on CBC Radio’s Living Out Loud, the other played in concert at the Deep Wireless Radio Art Festival

Here they are through my Soundcloud site:

After Exile CBC Radio Version:

After Exile Concert Version:

Love to hear your feedback. These two pieces are the hardest ones I’ve ever done. But really rewarding too.


2 responses to “Return to Ruscomb – My Finished Pieces

  1. Hi Victoria
    I think I might be a cousin. My grandmother was Lila Fenner and she was married to John Brown.
    We used to go to family outings in Ruscom. I remember Ivan and Vester and the old United Church.
    I have a picture of the farmstaed taken with Ivan on a horse in front of the house when he was 12. Would love to show it or send a copyto you.
    Stephen Brown

  2. Hey Stephen .. if your grandmother was my great aunt Lila, then we are cousins. Ivan was my grandpa. I would love to see the picture you have … and any old Fenner photos. I am actually working on a video documentary about Great Great Grandma and Grandpa Fenner, the ones who came over from Germany. It’s quite the story. I have a blog based on my grandmother’s history of Ruscomb (my mom’s mom who lived right next to Aunt Lila and Uncle Jack on the 4th concession). You can find it at — and my email address is — so glad you found my blog … I have several of them and this one has been inactive for a while. Time to do some more podcasts here.

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