My Next Sound Journey

My next sound journey takes me back home to the place where I was born.

The little train station in the picture was just down the road from the little village of Ruscomb, Ontario. That’s the village where I was born. Four generations of my family lived either in Ruscomb, or within ten miles.

Five years ago, I discovered to my surprise that a notable poet named Raymond Knister was born in Ruscomb. He was a contemporary of both of my grandfathers. His family, and my family were two of six families from Germany who cleared the land and established our little place in the world. That was back in 1830.

Raymond Knister died in a drowning accident in nearby Lake St. Clair in 1932. He was only 33, yet his literary output was outstanding. He is credited by Canadian literature scholars as being the father of modern imagist poetry in Canada. For me, his poetry keeps our small place in the world alive.

There’s not even a sign on the road anymore. Just an old, rundown cemetery and Raymond Knister’s poetry.

My piece, based on his poem “After Exile” will be broadcast nationally on CBC Radio this month. I’ll post the time and date.