Back from Roaming

The sounds that go along with that picture .. sizzling of grills, people buying food (in Spanish), sounds of rattles and noisemakers …

This picture was taken outside Iglesia La Mercedi (Mercy Church) in Antigua, Guatemala. Every Sunday during Lent, a different village up in the surrounding mountains make a long procession carrying this huge, heavy platform with Christ on the Cross mounted on it. It involves hundreds of people all dressed in purple robes, drummers and men wearing sousaphones (they are dressed in tuxes). After they get to town, they process throughout town ALL DAY.

And yes, I got the sounds. I will be doing a podcast today (promise!) with this sound sequence and a whole bunch of other sounds I gathered while in both Honduras and Guatemala.

The documentaries I am doing can also be heard at The Green Planet Monitor

More reflections over the next few days. I love being here and listening to my sounds of there