Housesitting Gigs Wanted

I am having a really good time planning my next Roaming Ear adventure. The plans are slowly evolving, and involve (so far) a housesitting gig in Toronto, a month long trip to Guatemala, back to Bear River Nova Scotia and then ..???

A few years ago I went on the road and supported my travel habit by housesitting. That’s what I’m planning again. I’ve been researching housesitting sites .. the most promising thus far is called Housecarer.

I get the impression it’s still a new site .. there aren’t a lot of listings yet. But I was pleasantly surprised. I was amazed to see a listing for Comber, Ontario, which is a small (very) southwestern Ontario village 5 kilometers down the road from Ruscom, the even smaller village where I was born.

So I’m going to register and keep an eye out for possibilities. Right now I’m thinking Montreal might be nice so I can practique ma francaise (I really need to, don’t I?). But if a good possibility comes up in Greece or Uzbekistan, maybe I’ll consider that too.

As long as there are good sounds to be found.

And speaking of good sounds, production of Roaming Ear #5 begins in 7 minutes. This one is abstract soundscapes of Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.