A New Approach to Soundwalking

I’m thinking a lot about soundwalks these days .. my next episode of The Roaming Ear is a conversation about my ideas on soundwalking, and also a couple of my friends.

I’ll post the link once I get it uploaded later today. In the meantime, here’s another take on soundwalking.

I got an email from a company in New York City that sells soundwalks … if you’re going to be going to NYC and a few other places in the world, you can download a map and an mp3 so you can walk the route yourself. They charge for a soundwalk, but it’s only $12.00. Great that they’ve found a way to pay themselves for their hard work ..

These pieces are highly composed and beautiful and well worth the modest price. They’re not just your standard audio tour “and on the left we see the place where the Bastille was stormed in whatever date”. It’s not dry narration. They’re stories of places, locations, sounds that you won’t necessarily hear in real time … worth listening to even if you’re an armchair traveller.

Good work! Oh yes, you can find them at www.soundwalk.com


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