My Next Episode


It’s always a tough decision trying to figure out what to do next. There are lots of topics I want to do and lots that I have already done just waiting to be packaged and uploaded.

A lot of people have asked me about the art-based compositions I do. So I’ve decided to show you next time around.

I did a sound suite at the turn of the century up in Ottawa called Capital Resoundings. The purpose of the project was to document what the city sounded like at that point in time, and then take those sounds and turn them into compositions that were my subjective impressions of four locations.

So I’ll play a couple of the pieces in the Capital Resoundings suite. I’ll have it done and posted by July 15. Stay tuned. (And if you don’t want to wait, go to the link above and you can hear some of the compositions and read my soundwalks on line)


Soundwalking the Red Light District

Oh, okay, I’ll admit I used that headline to get ratings. Only 4:00 of the newest episode of The Roaming Ear is from Sin Strip in Phuket.

It’s really pretty tame .. but because I am submitting it to Itunes, I needed to flag “Explicit” lest somebody get offended and Itunes boots me off. So, somebody says “big boobs” and “lesbian sex” .. what’s the big deal? It’s a soundwalk .. my soundwalker had no time to stop ..

The rest of the podcast is pretty tame. It’s my introduction to soundwalking and how you can do one yourself.

Go to my blogroll (on the side of this screen) for the link to the Rabble Podcast Network.

A New Approach to Soundwalking

I’m thinking a lot about soundwalks these days .. my next episode of The Roaming Ear is a conversation about my ideas on soundwalking, and also a couple of my friends.

I’ll post the link once I get it uploaded later today. In the meantime, here’s another take on soundwalking.

I got an email from a company in New York City that sells soundwalks … if you’re going to be going to NYC and a few other places in the world, you can download a map and an mp3 so you can walk the route yourself. They charge for a soundwalk, but it’s only $12.00. Great that they’ve found a way to pay themselves for their hard work ..

These pieces are highly composed and beautiful and well worth the modest price. They’re not just your standard audio tour “and on the left we see the place where the Bastille was stormed in whatever date”. It’s not dry narration. They’re stories of places, locations, sounds that you won’t necessarily hear in real time … worth listening to even if you’re an armchair traveller.

Good work! Oh yes, you can find them at

Because I haven’t posted many pics

Everybody tells me they like to have something to look at too .. so here are a couple of my favourite pictures:Bear River at mid tide

Mid tide at Bear River, Nova Scotia, where the salt water of the Annapolis Basin meets the fresh water coming down from the hills. One of my favourite places on earth.

I really did see a giraffe in Africa ...

I really did see a giraffe in Africa. This one was in Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya. Saw a leopard too, draped across a tree limb like a rug. No lions though .. it was midday so they were asleep back in the bush.

Now on Twitter

Just set up a new Twitter feed — new way for you to follow my Roaming Ear. My username is TheRoamingEar (how logical).

I will be setting up a Facebook page too .. maybe Myspace (I haven’t really done much Myspacing .. I think I might try it since it’s a good place for long form sound and video pieces to live .. the advantage of Myspace over Facebook is that Myspace is more like your portfolio .. Facebook is for much briefer, time limited information .. as in, when is the last time you looked at someone’s profile page on Facebook? .. not often, I’ll bet .. the information on Facebook is not organized as well as on Myspace)

Upcoming on The Roaming Ear — how to do a soundwalk .. with examples of soundwalks from Nairobi, the Ottawa Valley and Phuket, Thailand (on Sin Strip .. but we behaved ourselves).

Naked Big Macs on the Tundra

A little late with the news .. my newest podcast is up and running .. here ..

This one focusses on the culinary challenges when you’re north of the tree line in the land of lichens, whale blubber and caribou.

Join me in my exploration of food and how to get it .. along with some surprises .. did you know there’s a Pizza Hut in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut? What’s up with that, eh? And a $1500 plane ticket (and that doesn’t count getting to Yellowknife) will get you lovely food on Canadian North .. best airline food I’ve had ..