The Roaming Ear is Launched!

Birds Eye View of the ThamesI’ve been so busy putting my first two programs together that I forgot to update my blog!

The first two episodes of The Roaming Ear are up and running. And tested out and all works fine.

You can find them on the Rabble Podcast Network. Here’s the link

The First Episode is called These are a Few of My Favourite Sounds — I talk about some of the sound surprises I’ve found in India, San Francisco, The Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, and north of the Arctic Circle in Nunavut.

The Second Episode is called The Edge of Extreme – a sound portrait of the Tundra and the Arctic community of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

In episodes to come — the challenge of finding three square meals north of the Arctic Circle; mosquito busting in Mangalore, India; and how to do a Soundwalk.

Come back and listen often!