The Roaming Ear Podcast about to Launch

me-and-flamingos-mirror-imageThe date is April 15, 2009.

The location is The Rabble Podcast Network .. an eclectic collection of some really great Canadian content.  Rabble will be hosting the podcast, and I’ll be linking it to this blog so you can listen without leaving this page.

Here’s the short form:

The Roaming Ear – Around the World with a Mike

Victoria Fenner doesn’t just bring her camera when she travels.  She always makes sure she has her recorder and microphone in her bag.   Sometimes she records found sound .. fishermen hauling in their nets from the Arabian sea, old fashioned Appalachian square dance band on hot, buggy mountain summer nights. Sometimes she’ll do radio stories about the people, places and issues she encounters.  And she’ll also take those sounds and makes compositions out of them that some people describe as music ..

It will be an adventure .. first episode .. “These are a Few of my Favourite Sounds” .. with the aforementioned fishermen, bugs and square dance musicians making a guest appearance.

Stay tuned!

(PS – the picture was taken by Tom my safari driver on the banks of Lake Nakuru in Kenya, recording the sounds of thousands of pink flamingos.  Looked great, sounded great .. smelled like a chicken coop!)


2 responses to “The Roaming Ear Podcast about to Launch

  1. Wow Victoria! Thanks for the invitation to create a little sound piece of Bear River.
    I know I don’t have the skills that you think I do!! I’ve been recording lots of water sounds though. And sounds from the music events. And a few birds.
    How short is it allowed to be? lol!
    I would love to give it a try, but I’m not sure. BUT…it’s exciting too. I can’t wait to hear your podcast and be really intimidated! 🙂

  2. Sure, you can do it. You have good ears. Send me the raw sounds if you want, and I’ll mix it. Or talk to Simone Sleeth Wilson (of the Bare Canvas Gallery) and Tim .. (Tim Wilson of Personamedia,) ,.. they can help. (The ()’s are for those who are reading this comment and don’t know who I’m talking about .. because promo is important so that people will learn that Bear River is The Place to Be if you’re an artist). That’s Bear River, Nova Scotia … for those of you not In the Know ..

    Do it! It’ll be great!

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